Barista Tools – PuqPress



Introducing PuqPress® the world's first automatic coffee tamper that compresses ground espresso with perfect pressure and level tamp. Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands PuqPress provides state of the art design and unparalleled engineering.

Today cafe's use highly sophisticated grinders and espresso machines to regulate the art of the perfect coffee, so why run the risk by tamping manually? The PuqPress revolutionises manual tamping to ensure coffee is always pressed with precisely the right amount of pressure. Now no matter which barista makes coffee, tamping or dropped shot issues will no longer be an issue due to the unique clamping mechanism.

Pressure is adjustable between 10kg-30kg of pressure to ensure 100% consistency between baristas. Engineered to perform to 99.99% accuracy so why take not remove the risk of less than perfect shot extraction.

With a fast cycle of only 1.3 seconds, it is faster to use the PuqPress than to tamp by hand. Its compact design makes the PuqPress easy to fit between the coffee bean grinder and the espresso machine. From grinder to Puqpress® to espresso machine Puqpress is the perfect fit for the modern barista.

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