Espresso Tools New Zealand was established in 2006 to supply New Zealanders incredible Barista’s with quality tools and equipment that we believe they deserve.

At Espresso Tools we are passionate about all things coffee. We have been involved in the industry for a long time now and have seen many developments and trends. We strive to be at the front of all the trends, providing tools that allow Baristas to continue forging new ground and preparing better and better coffees.

We travel the globe to keep ‘our nose to the ground’ as new tools and equipment become available so that we can make them available for you as soon as possible. Over the past few years we have attended SCAA and WBC shows, each time getting more excited about the products out in the international market that we so rarely have seen in New Zealand.

Our involvement with those at the top of the industry has lead to us having the opportunity to support and sponsor both Carl Sara (4x New Zealand Barista Champion) and Luciano Marcolino (3x New Zealand Champion) through their WBC campaigns. They both have used much of our gear including some funky Inker ceramic cups that we are proud to hold the distributorship for.

We are here to grow with you. To help you with the tools that help us enjoy the world’s best drink!




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Chris Uren - Company Founder and Director - Qualified Electrician
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